About Danni

Danni is an untamed artist, who discovered she was not too impatient for watercolours after all once she became a Mother to two young firecrackers. The fire had been smouldering all her life, and was lit to produce art that is vulnerable, that is activism, and that people may find a spark of emotion from when they view it.


Living in the Otways between the forest and the beach in Southern Victoria, Danni's inspiration comes from the vivid life that flows through her world daily, in her outer surroundings, family home life and inside her body, mind and spirit.

Her household is made up of her husband Richie, their divine children Bodhi and Rahni, and their Doggie Sandy Sandford. They also welcome to their home the King Parrots on the deck, the Koalas in the Gum trees, the Skinks and Scorpions in the woodstack, the screeching Cockatoos and the soaring Wedge Tail Eagles in the Valley skies.

Danni, Richie and family also welcome friends and family to visit them and enjoy laughing, eating, hula hooping, hanging in hammocks, walking through the rainforest, swimming and surfing at the beach and generally hanging out. The delight, joy and satisfaction that Danni takes in painting portraits for people has been a light in her life during the Covid times of 2020. 

Danni also has an online social media presence on Instagram and hosts support groups for budding artists, or people who "just dabble in creating things" and anyone in between! You can find Danni on Instagram @artistdannisandford or on facebook as Danni Sandford.

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