Custom portraits

Cost for custom portraits of children, pets and adults start from AU$180 for an A4 size painting of one person / pet, including postage in Australia. However, exact price needs to be confirmed with Danni. 

These are the steps involved:

1) Send a message via Email, Instagram or Facebook Messenger with images of the subject(s) to and please include any relevant info you'd like to share, such as the preferred size of the painting and when it is needed by.

2) Danni will send you a quote along with a payment link. If you are happy with the price, please email / text / call back to confirm. 


3) Then follow the prompts below to complete payment via PayPal - note that you can use guest checkout with PayPal if you don't have an account. 

4) Danni will send a photo of the painting prior to sending it in the mail to ensure your satisfaction.