FRIDAY 5th March, 2021 


5.30pm-8.30pm at The Play Project Program Room, level 2, 3 Witt St.


Food from The Cook & Co. is included. Champagne / sparkling wine will also be provided.



Have you discovered the Magic and Freedom of Watercolour?


Join us for a 3 hour Immersion of Watercolour - how we can apply some simple but mind blowing techniques to make the most of the amazing Artform.


Danni Sandford says "I used to have huge resistance to using Watercolour in my Art for a long time...

Now that I use Watercolour I want to create fun and friendly Workshops that unlock methods of Watercolour Application/Magic for others."


Included in the workshop:


- Watercolour Magic Exhibition by Danni Sandford (promised to get your Inner Artist oohing and aahing at the simple yet amazing Watercolour Magic tips)


- Your very own set of Watercolour Paints, Watercolour PaintBrush, and Watercolour Paper Pad - so you can take them home and continue the Magic at home!


- Dinner and drinks are included, so we can eat and paint and be in bliss for a few hours.


- A process of how to use Watercolour for it's Magic and Mystery. And Danni always promotes there are No Rules! A freedom to express ourselves artistically, definitely  no do's and dont's in this workshop.


- Loads of time at the Workshop to experiment with the Paints and general Watercolour and Arty Vibes - and experienced Artist Danni Sandford to answer questions and support your Watercolour Wishes

Numbers are limited!


Follow the Cart to PayPal to secure your place.


Any questions or comments, please email Danni or message via facebook and Instagram.




"I attended Danni's Watercolour Workshop in Apollo Bay in Jan 2021, and it was amazing. I never knew I had an affinity for Watercolour! 

Danni helped me to easily put water and paint onto paper and get experimenting with her supportive and warm way of teaching.

Now I find myself Watercolour Painting at home and relaxing, instead of scrolling social media"


-Abbey, Shepparton Victoria

Yarrawonga Workshop @ The Play Project Program Room 5th March 2021